Lessons on Algorithm ethics from UK Exam algorithm story

This document chronicles the recent controversy surrounding the UK exams fiasco where an algorithmic approach was rejected and demonstrates areas where those building and deploying models must be vigilant and have training, process and governance in placeGiles Pavey – September 2021 Background In March 2020, the UK Government made the significant policy in response toContinue reading “Lessons on Algorithm ethics from UK Exam algorithm story”

Ethics Happy Hours

Announcing our new Data Science Section Initiative: Share and discuss ethical challenges encountered in your professional life during Ethics Happy Hours Ethical questions are ubiquitous in pursuing real-world data science projects. During the Covid-19 crisis, controversies around the design of contact tracing apps or the moderation of GCSE and A-level results have recently served asContinue reading “Ethics Happy Hours”

September Newsletter

Hi everyone- Another month flies by… hard to believe summer is technically over although the coldest August UK bank holiday on record is one way to drive home the point! Following is the September edition of our Royal Statistical Society Data Science Section newsletter. Hopefully some interesting topics and titbits to feed your data scienceContinue reading “September Newsletter”