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Don’t miss out on our latest newsletters and updates – go to https://rssdsaisection.substack.com/ After a long and successful period publishing on wordpress and mailchimp we have decided to move to substack (mailchimp upped their rates…). If you are already a subscriber of our newsletter – dont worry, you will automatically receive any new updates andContinue reading “We have moved to rssdsaisection.substack.com”

Don’t miss out! Meetup on Thursday…

Don’t miss out on our latest meetup – “Why AI in healthcare isn’t working” Please join us for a panel discussion on the topic of  “Why AI in healthcare isn’t working”. In this session we will be discussing with experts in the field on the current state of AI in healthcare. We will cover theContinue reading “Don’t miss out! Meetup on Thursday…”

November Newsletter

Hi everyone- Another month, another UK Prime Minister it seems – certainly the rate of political dramas doesn’t seem to be slowing…Perhaps time for a breather, with a wrap up of data science developments in the last month. Following is the November edition of our Royal Statistical Society Data Science and AI Section newsletter- apologiesContinue reading “November Newsletter”

October Newsletter

Hi everyone- Well, September certainly seemed to disappear pretty rapidly (along with the sunshine sadly). And dramatic events keep accumulating, from the sad death of the Queen, together with epic coverage of ‘the queue‘, to dramatic counter offensives in the Ukraine, to unprecedented IMF criticism of the UK government’s tax-cutting plans. Perhaps time for aContinue reading “October Newsletter”

September Newsletter

Hi everyone- I hope you have all been enjoying a great summer. Certainly lots to engage with from heat waves, sewage spills, leadership elections, spiralling energy costs… and of course on a much more positive note the Lionesses winning the Euros for the first time (it’s come home…)! Apologies for skipping a month but itContinue reading “September Newsletter”

November Newsletter

Hi everyone- The clocks have changed – officially the end of ‘daylight savings’ in the UK – does that mean we no longer try and save daylight? Certainly feels that way … definitely time for some satisfying data science reading materials while drying out from the rain! Following is the November edition of our RoyalContinue reading “November Newsletter”

September Newsletter

Hi everyone- I don’t know about you, but that didn’t feel particularly August-like…. I miss the sun! Perhaps September will save the summer, together with some inspiration from the Paralympics … How about a few curated data science materials for perusing during the lull in the wheelchair rugby final? Following is the September edition ofContinue reading “September Newsletter”