Andrew Ng at the RSS Data Science Section!

We are going to have the great honour of hosting a fireside chat with Andrew Ng in February. The Data Science Section of the Royal Statistical Society have invited Andrew to come and talk to us about how technical people can become leaders in artificial intelligence and data science.

Andrew needs little introduction to the world of Machine Learning and AI. A successful scientist, inventor, writer and huge contributor to a field that we all share a common enthusiasm for.

Our topic of discussion will be the art and science of creating successful RnD teams which are able to deliver business value consistently. We would like to invite some guest questions. Let us know what you’d like to ask Andrew Ng. For example:
– How do you structure an effective R&D team?
– How do you decide what’s important to research?
– How can the UK government support its technical data scientists?

I’m sure you have more ideas!

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