Andrew Ng Fireside Chat – Sign Up Now!

We are incredibly honoured and excited to be hosting Andrew Ng for a fireside chat on 10th February at 6.30pm (Sign up here)

Many data scientists’ first encounter with Andrew Ng was through his Stanford University machine learning course – which has enrolled almost 4m people! However, some may be unaware that his contribution to AI, machine learning and data science goes much further.

In addition to his Professorship at Stanford University and co-founding of Coursera, he has been one of the most important drivers of the success of Deep Learning over the last decade. He founded and led the “Google Brain” project, which developed massive-scale deep learning algorithms, before moving on to lead Baidu’s 1300 person AI Group, developing technologies in deep learning, speech, computer vision, NLP, and other areas.

More recently he has set up a number of initiatives including DeepLearning.AI, Landing.AI and the AI Fund, focused on promoting the practical use of AI to solve real world problems.

Our fireside chat will focus on technical leadership in artificial intelligence. We’ll be asking Andrew’s advice on:

  • How technical people can become effective AI leaders or entrepreneurs.
  • How to run a successful R&D team for AI product development.
  • How the UK can support a new generation of AI leaders.

The discussion will be hosted by Martin Goodson, Chair of the Data Science Section and CEO of artificial intelligence startup, Evolution AI. The event will be opened by the President of the Royal Statistical Society, Sylvia Richardson.

Don’t miss out on what we are sure will be a compelling discussion- sign up for the event here, and send any topics or questions you would like to see covered to Martin Goodson.

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